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Doral Glades Nature Center is the City of Doral’s newest city park and first nature center. Parks department staff wanted the focus of the 2,000 square foot exhibit space to be on their neighbor, the Everglades. To respond to the soaring ceiling and wall of windows looking out on the restored lake, we designed a series of cabinets with uprights that holds graphics and electronics. The exhibits include electronic interactives, video, audio recordings, and manual interactives. MAM Exhibit Design worked with Leslie Tharp Designs to create a multi layered steel wall with silhouettes of Everglades plants and animals.


Video of the silhouetted steel wall by MAM Exhibit Design and Leslie Tharp Designs


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At MAM Exhibit Design, we are storytellers. At the core of every exhibit, we’ve designed is a powerful story that we’ve brought to life.
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Portfolio - Children's Exhibits
Children's Exhibits
Portfolio - Children's Exhibits
Creating engaging exhibits for curious children.
Portfolio - Corporate Exhibits
Corporate Exhibits
Portfolio - Corporate Exhibits
Telling your story in a way that makes it resonate with your audience.
Portfolio - History Exhibits
History Exhibits
Portfolio - History Exhibits
Making stories of the past relevant to the present.
Portfolio - Art Exhibits
Art Exhibits
Portfolio - Art Exhibits
Accessible art exhibits for all ages.
Portfolio - Natural History Exhibits
Natural History Exhibits
Portfolio - Natural History Exhibits
Connecting visitors to nature to develop empathy and awareness of the natural world.
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Check out this video of the Power Design exhibit.

PDI is an electrical contractor operating nationally to install power in large multi unit projects. They wanted to augment their training center with a display showing their Best Practices. For the basic building material, we used steel studs – a media familiar to the audience. Messages and photos were layered on top of the studs while wiring and technology were installed within the studs. ADM2 fabricated the exhibits.

Location: Power Design Inc.; St. Petersburg, FL

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