Children's Exhibits
Creating engaging exhibits for curious children.

Create Space is a series of exhibit ‘carts’ that have visitors engage with art through more senses than sight.  A mobile uses a moustache-shaped armature as a basis for balancing random soft sculpture bits.  An art cart can be loaded up with supplies in different media ready to serve as home base for today’s art lessons.  A beatbox lets kids combine sounds at different tempos and volumes to produce their own unique music piece.  A shadow puppet theatre has kids entertaining themselves with good old-fashioned shadow puppets.  And all the carts were designed to nest together in storage so the space can be converted to a special events space as needed.

Location:  Morean Center for Clay, St. Petersburg, FL

The Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg uses a converted construction trailer to visit every elementary school in the county over a period of 3 years.  We faux finished the walls and entry doors to give the space a ‘presence.’  Each of the artworks was printed at size on stretched canvas and forms the basis for the lesson plans created by art teachers.  To mess with scale, we printed a photo of an actual size amphora and then had a 7’ tall bas-relief amphora made!  A video was scripted and shot for the trailer as well.

Location: Museum of Fine Arts; St. Petersburg, FL

The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples wanted to refresh and replace some of its original exhibits in phases.  First up, convert a ’trolley’ car interior into a room for a trolley track table.  Second, change out some worn and not working elements in Mother Nature’s Playouse with more engaging an updated exhibits.

Location: Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (CMON); Naples, FL

We styled up an educational area with bright colors and super graphics to tell how important tourism is to the county’s economy.  It is in an activity center for school children role-playing real life experiences in household budgeting.

Location: Stavros Center, Finance Park; Largo, FL

The primary social service agency in Hillsborough County needed a means to showcase children’s art projects from programs it sponsors. Designed and installed charming, “feel good” rotating exhibits in 1,800 sf gallery/office building.

Location: Children’s Board of Hillsborough County; Tampa, FL

This is a companion piece to a traveling childrens exhibit; it describes the links between St. Petersburg and the movie, books, plays and musicals about the Wizard of Oz.

Location: St. Petersburg Museum of History; St. Petersburg, FL

The impactful art made by middle school children gives voice to the Speak Up! Speak Now! programs’ core messages of speaking up to gang violence, bullying and crime.  The task was to design a portable, flexible display system to display the children’s art.

Location: Florida Holocaust Museum; St. Petersburg, FL