History Exhibits
Making stories of the past relevant to the present.

The women’s clubhouse is a historic structure in St. Petersburg, FL. It was built in the 1940s by the City Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, an exclusive group of philanthropic Black women determined to elevate their community. Eventually, membership waned, and the clubhouse sold to the school whose campus surrounded it. A new elementary school was built with a first-ever community room to hold exhibits about the remarkable clubhouse and its members.

Location: Melrose Elementary School, St. Petersburg, FL

Nielsen, the world media and products measurement company wanted to give visitors to their headquarters offices in Wilton, CT an appreciation for Nielsen history and products.  We were given a long wall with an existing glass shelving structure to tell that story.

Custom wallpaper was designed to highlight Nielsen history, products and company culture.  On the shelving, we displayed old measurement devices alongside the newest technology developed by Nielsen engineers.

Location: Nelsen Headquarters; Wilton, CT

The Don CeSar is a grand old hotel on St. Pete Beach who celebrated its 90th birthday in 2018.  Hotel staff wanted guests to know and appreciate the history of the property in which they were staying.  We designed a wall of nine rotating panels that display images and history on each side, thereby doubling the display space!

Location: Don CeSar; St. Petersburg, FL

‘Prof’ Jones was a prominent Black educator in Gainesville, FL.  He was principal of the first fully accredited high school for African Americans in Alachua County, and the second one in the state.  The museum tells the story of Jones; the historic Black high school he founded, Lincoln High School; the Civil Rights Movement in Gainesville and the role of churches in the African American culture.

Location: A. Quinn Jones Museum & Cultural Center; Gainesville, FL

In 1,600 sf, we tell the story of farming in the Winter Garden Region of Texas - from the critical resource of water to how the area marketed its farmland.  Layered graphics, quotes, artifacts, interactives and an antique slot machine are all used to convey the story to the visitor.

Location: Weisman Museum of Southwest Texas; Uvalde, TX

The building was a fire station, home to horse-drawn equipment a century ago.  The small budget for the start-up museum of 6,000 sf was a challenge well met with exhibits, interpretive panels, children’s area activities, a restored watch booth and a memorial room.  Architectural relics on the walls, floors and ceilings of the building gave rise to interpreting the history of the building in a walking tour.

Location: Tampa Firefighter Museum; Tampa, FL

The Vinoy Hotel opened its doors in 1926 after an incredibly compressed nine months of construction.  Since then, it has served as St. Petersburg’s “front porch.”  The exhibit traces the story of the hotel and provides the “hip and historic” vibe the hotel itself projects.  Guests can appreciate the hotel all the more so after visiting the exhibit.  The exhibit won a State of Florida, Division of Cultural Affairs award.

Location: Renaissance Vinoy Hotel; St. Petersburg, FL

Rebranded to: Treasures of Napoleon

The traveling exhibit traced the arc of the Emperor’s life from notations in his military schoolbooks to his last will and testament.  Napoleon Bonaparte’s personal gifts to his family were highlighted in addition to his brilliant battlefield strategies.  The exhibit contained paintings by artists such as David, Delaroache and Gerard, the sword used for his coronation, Canova sculptures, gold and silver decorative objects, textiles and furniture, including his iconic hat. These stunning artifacts were collected by one individual in Paris.

260 artifacts plus exhibit cases and exhibitry in 6,000 sf.

Location: National Geographic Museum; Washington, DC
Location: Museum of Florida History; Tallahassee, FL
Location: South Carolina State History Museum; Columbia, SC
Location: Oklahoma Museum of Art; Oklahoma City, OK
Location: Old US Mint Museum; New Orleans, LA
Location: National Constitution Center; Philadelphia, PA
Location: Muzeo; Anaheim, CA
Location: Missouri History Museum; St. Louis, MO

This traveling exhibit examines the impact Napoleon and his ministers made on the visual world.  Napoleon employed artists, writers, textile and decorative arts masters to craft a renaissance of French design and artistry.  The exhibit includes busts of Napoleon in terra cotta, marble, bronze and gilded bronze.  Examples of decorative arts include chairs from his first wife, Josephine’s home, wood boxes made by Biennais, and magnificent bronze urns commemorating his second marriage and son’s birth.

235 artifacts plus exhibit cases and exhibitry in 6000 sf

Location: Museum of the Rockies; Bozeman, MT

The 450 sf gallery tells the proud history of tennis in St. Petersburg, and the city’s profound influence on the sport of tennis. A thick binder contains player bios for each of the ranked tennis players who played on the courts at the tennis center.

Location: St. Petersburg Tennis Center; St. Petersburg, FL

We were asked to design and install a timeline exhibit showing the first 100 years of the National Press Club’s history in a mere 6’ long display space.

Location: National Press Club; Washington, DC

The American Red Cross, established over a hundred years ago in St. Petersburg, has a history of caring and responding in disasters.  The chapter had boxes and boxes of photographs, documents and artifacts to construct the history of the Red Cross in the region.  Volunteers fabricated the exhibit and it traveled to venues in the area.

15 artifacts in 300 sf

Location: St. Petersburg Museum of History; St. Petersburg, FL
Location: Armed Forces Military Museum; Largo, FL
Location: Dunedin Museum of History; Dunedin, FL
Location: American Red Cross, St. Petersburg Chapter; St. Petersburg, FL

Ten large hotels were built in St. Petersburg in just three years during the great real estate boom of the 1920s.  This temporary exhibit in the 700 sf gallery tells the story of the colorful hotel owners and their quirky personalities.  A thread running through the narrative of each hotel text panel was whether or not Babe Ruth, a frequent St. Petersburg visitor, slept or partied at that hotel.

Location: St. Petersburg Museum of History; St. Petersburg, FL

In the early days of Florida tourism, souvenirs evoked the exotic and mysterious, perhaps dangerous land – stuffed alligators, tropical scenes painted on dishes, carved orangewood canes.  As the state road system developed, so developed mom and pop roadside attractions, each selling their own unique line of souvenirs.

200 objects in 1,800 sf temporary exhibit

Location: St. Petersburg Museum of History; St. Petersburg, FL
Location: South Florida Museum; Bradenton, FL

From St. Petersburg Florida to Takamatsu Japan

St. Petersburg and Takamatsu Japan had a shotgun wedding just after WWII.  They were encouraged to become sister cities to build relations between the US and Japan.  Curiously, the cities had much in common.  The temporary exhibit explored both the similarities and cultural differences.

200 objects in 1,000 sf

Location: St. Petersburg Museum of History; St. Petersburg, FL

Russian art and culture were showcased through tantalizing samples of the rich treasures held by the State Russian Museum.  A survey of their collection included decorative arts from palaces, antique functional items from peasant homes, Diaghilev ballet costumes, icons and church antiquities, folk art and paintings.

150+ works of art and decorative arts in 12,000 sf

Location: Florida International Museum; St. Petersburg, FL

From JFK’s early childhood to his untimely death and ongoing legacy, this exhibit told the private and public life of an iconic American President.

500 objects in 25,000 sf

Location: Florida International Museum; St. Petersburg, FL

From JFK’s early childhood to his untimely death and ongoing legacy, this traveling exhibit told the private and public life of an iconic American President.  It included a replica Oval Office, model PT Boat and many murals.

300+ artifacts/12,000 sf

Location: Gaylord Opryland Hotel; Nashville, TN
Location: Tropicana Hotel; Atlantic City, NJ
Location: State Fair of Texas; Dallas, TX

This large traveling exhibit from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum showcased America’s deep love for baseball.  The challenge was to reconfigure galleries built for the JFK exhibit with as little change as possible.  We moved some gallery openings, tore down half of the Oval Office replica, and hired excellent mural painters.

500+ artifacts in 10,000 sf

Location: Florida International Museum; St. Petersburg, FL

Cattle ranching in Florida is different that in other places.  The native cattle are smaller and better suited to the climate.  This exhibit traces the history of cattle ranching to present day.  This traveling exhibit now has its permanent home at the Florida State Fairgrounds, installed in a repurposed exhibition space.  We served as preparators, installing the exhibit for the designer.

Location: Florida State Fairgrounds; Tampa, FL